Reasons To Amp Up Your Internet Marketing Efforts In 2016

The internet marketing industry is extremely volatile, but it certainly creates an exciting landscape for all marketers who try to keep up with the latest trends. Each year, there arises new software, new hardware and new companies that make the competition even more challenging than it already is. More importantly, new user preferences emerge, prompting a shift from old strategies to new ones to keep up with the tides and continue generating leads. If you’re looking to increase your online marketing efforts we have nothing but good things about Sterlo Media.  Here is their website:


The following are some of the reasons why internet marketing remains relevant this coming 2016, and how you can get a leg up on the competition.



1. Video ads will be the next big thing.

Well, you can make the argument that video ads are already huge right now. But there’s no question that 2016 will be dominated by video ads, especially with Facebook and Bing now allowing advertisers to create such ads with their new advertising tools. YouTube will continue to lead the pack of video-sharing websites. And Google finally gets on board after announcing their in-SERP video ads. This only highlights the fact that online users have become more accepting of this kind of advertising, and the trend isn’t likely to go anywhere any time soon.



2. Mobile will continue to rise.

Back in the last quarter of 2014, mobile devices delivered more traffic than desktop. This year, that trend continued. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially when you consider that there are more smartphones than there are people in the world. Not only that, but Google released their mobile-friendly algorithm update earlier this year, which says a lot about how they care about providing the best possible user experience for mobile visitors. As a marketer, it’s time to focus your efforts on mobile platforms as desktop traffic continues to fade away.



3. Apps will be even more important.

There are plenty of businesses with dedicated apps for their mobile users. But many business owners still refuse to jump on the bandwagon and choose to stick with their responsive web design. While there’s really nothing wrong with using a mobile-friendly website, the importance of having a dedicated app will become even more apparent this coming year. Apps can do everything a website can, but in a more intuitive and convenient fashion. It’s about time you consider developing an app for your business and benefit from the increase in visibility it can offer.



4. Marketing campaigns will be optimized for digital assistants.

For several years, SEO and PPC have been used by business owners to drive targeted traffic to their website. These two methods will continue to be effective in 2016, but a new kind of optimization will emerge, and it has something to do with digital assistants like Cortana and Siri. These digital assistants also utilize search engines, but experts are already testing how they can make their campaigns show up on top when people use these relatively ways of gathering information online.



5. Using smart content will increase conversion rates.

Content is king, as is often said in the world of internet marketing. New technology has allowed marketers to not only understand the thought patterns of consumers, but how to deliver content based on where they’re at in the purchasing funnel. For instance, you can use software to provide a different call-to-action for visitors that have already purchased from you before. This way, you expose other products to them and increase the chances of them clicking on your new link, which ultimately means more sales for your business.


These are just some of the top online marketing trends that will emerge in 2016. As a business owner, the last thing you want to happen is lag behind the competition. Be sure to follow these tips and you should be well on your way to dominating your niche this coming year.

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“A new artificial intelligence flight combat system dubbed ALPHA has taken on one of the Air Force’s top tactical experts and won. Retired USAF Colonel Gene Lee — an experienced combat instructor with “considerable fighter aircraft expertise” — was repeatedly shot down during engagements with ALPHA in a high-fidelity air combat simulation. Lee called his computerized opponent “the most aggressive, responsive, dynamic and credible AI I’ve seen to date.”

The details of Col. Lee’s showdown were published in University of Cincinnati Magazine and the ALPHA AI itself was developed by UC offshoot Psibernetix, Inc. as an autonomous wingman to a human pilot. After ALPHA shot down a range of other AI opponents, Col. Lee jumped into the simulator against a “mature” version of the ALPHA code last October. Lee, who has trained thousands of Air Force pilots and has been taking on AI opponents since the early 80s, was unable to score a single kill against ALPHA on multiple tries. In fact, he was shot down every time.”

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